President’s Message


As I prepare reports for our AGM, it’s hard to believe another year has gone by!  I will highlight some of the activities and programs our Association (SBHAS-N) provided this year as well as some upcoming events.

Para-Swimming lessons were offered again this year.  We’d love to see more members get involved in this great activity.  These are done in partnership with the Lasers and are held at the YWCA on Saturday mornings..  Sledge hockey, Wheelchair Dance, Basketball and Disabled skiing are all currently underway.  Tennis, PAAL, Slyp Out, Kids of Note choir, Life Enrichment and other programs offered through agencies that support individuals with disabilities are also eligible for funding through SBHAS-N.  We support these programs and encourage all our members to get active.  Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sports Association is a great resource and offers numerous programs.  If there are activities in your own neighborhood that you participate in, please submit your receipts to us.

We had two members attend Camp Freedom, a three-day, teen camp offered to individuals with Spina Bifida which is organized by the Northern Alberta Association.  It’s always a fun time! 

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Month (June) has always been celebrated by our Association, and we are currently planning an activity for June 4 (see enclosed poster).   We recognized the Spinal Cord Team at KCC in June as well with flowers and refreshments delivered to clinic.

We held a successful Education Day in October with approximately 40 people attending to hear informative presentations by Dr. Weckworth, Chantel of SWSA and Justin from Investor’s Group.  Dr. Weckworth’s presentation on current Botox treatments can be viewed on our website,   URO Medical was also in attendance with information and sponsored a wonderful lunch for us.

The SBHAC 2016 AGM was done by Conference Call.  Shelley Elder, our Delegate attended.

I would love to hear from our members if they have ideas for our Association or would like to get more involved.  We’d also like to see new families get involved.  The staff at the Kinsmen Children’s Center offer our information to new families they see.

We currently do not have a Newsletter editor, so if anyone is interested in producing a newsletter once a year, that would be appreciated.

We invite all members to make submissions to Dave Elder at to post on our website as well, which he has currently updated. 

I’d like to thank Shawn Scherr, our bingo captain, for his efforts.  Our bingo revenues support all the programs and activities that we provide, as well as funding for families.  We will begin circulating our bingo dates to our membership, as we are required to have a minimum of three members at every bingo we work.

In closing, I’d like to send thanks to all the Board Members, Cinnamon, Shelley, Gene, Brenda and Jackie who serve our members and to Dave Elder for maintaining our website.

Laurel Scherr

President – SBHAS-N